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Tell City is in the State of Indiana and has a population of around 10,000 people. Regarding proximity to big cities, Tell City sits near Louisville and Nashville. While Tell City itself is not a major hub, there is still a presence of drug problems. Drug issues are to be expected given the towns close access to its larger counterparts, where the Tell City locals go to both work and socialize. Unfortunately, while drug and alcohol addiction issues are present, the small size of the town means that access to local rehab services is not plentiful. The good news is that Tell City Drug Treatment Centers are here to help to connect users with services nearby to aid them on their sobriety journey. In simple terms, we are a referral service that matches addiction sufferers with treatment centers across the nation and we do this through a simple phone call from you. 

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How Does Tell City Drug Treatment Centers work?

Our service is successful for two big reasons. We only hire the most passionate, knowledgeable and supportive addiction treatment advisors and guidance counselors who have access to a wide network of exceptional treatment centers. When you call, one of our friendly advisors will take you through an initial consultation in which we ask you a series of questions. The information that we request from you helps us to build a picture of the type of treatment that will suit your addiction problem best.

We will find out if your medical insurance will qualify you for treatment and once this is done, we search our network of treatment centers and call an appropriate one on your behalf. Our objective is to get you admitted to a high-quality treatment center so that you can get your life back on track. It is imperative that patients seek the help of alcohol and drug treatment in Tell City or surrounding regions as soon as they realize that there is a problem. 

Addicts run the risk of shortening their lives considerably. Dependency brings with it a litany of problems including health ailments, job loss, family breakdown, mental illness, and isolation. Severely addicted individuals may turn to a life of crime to fund their habit. The power of addiction on the brain is so strong that it alters the cognitive function permanently. A drug user may develop a sort of tunnel vision that hinders them from realizing that they need help.

Addiction transforms a person, their values, beliefs and moral compass. Living a life of addiction is very tough but with the help of Tell City Drug Treatment Centers, help can be located. We believe that there is hope for every single user and that life can begin again if they deal with their problem early. If drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Tell City is what you are looking for, call (812) 618-1625 today. If you have a loved one that is struggling with prescription pain medication dependency, it’s vital that they seek treatment today. There is no drug addiction that we do not cater for or understand and we are confident that we can find a service out there that will offer the therapy that fits your needs.

What Treatment Options are Available?

There is not a one size fits all when it comes to rehabilitation and therapeutic services for addiction patients. Each user is unique, as is their illness, so treatments need to be tailored as such. For example, there has been much progression made in alternative treatments such as art and music therapy. Some patients find group counseling works well, while severely addicted drug and alcohol users may respond best to inpatient round the clock care. 

Regardless of what treatment you are seeking, Tell City Drug Treatment Centers can help. We promise to be discreet, compassionate, and above all non -judgmental. Mostly, we guarantee you that hope exists for you and in turn a sober life. Call today at (812) 618-1625.

Upcoming Tell City AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA The Mov'n On Group Thu, 7:00 PM One Comminity Church 1810 Blackiston Mill Road, Clarksville, IN 47129
NA Samaritin Center Wed, 7:45 PM Coming Clean in Washington Group 2007 State Street, Washington, IN 47501
AA The Grace United Group Tue, 6:00 PM Grace United Methodist Church 900 Denmark Street, Louisville, KY 40215
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